Greeting from CEO

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Yedahm Chemical

Greeting from CEO
I sincerely thank you for visiting our website.

Yedahm Chemical was founded with a mind of tending even to a littlest thing and have been continuously growing technically in the fields of fine chemical and materials such as
functional dye and coloring for electronic materials. The 21st century, defined as a period of ultimate competition, is being rolled out in all areas of our society beyond time and space, and only those companies with zealous efforts and future-oriented perspectives can survive and prosper in this period.
Due to such call of the period, Yedahm Chemical places its purpose in a creation of nature's colors by harmonizing humankind and technology, or 'Hue-Man-Tech' behind constant R&D and competitive quality products, so that we can bring customers' true values into reality by new technologies and realize dreams and ideals of the families at
Yedahm Chemical strongly believes in protecting cleaner and better environment and passing it down to the next generations, and it always puts protecting our environment first and leads sustainable human life.
We will continue to provide ceaseless technical innovation, product development and top quality service, and win the hearts and minds of customers in the fields of fine chemical and materials with the best technology and quality. We will also do our best even more in new product development for pleasant and fertile lives of humanity based on our conduct of a business focused on humanity and technology.
Thank you.
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  • Manager : DUAN ZEXIN
  • Business Number : 140-81-70195
  • TEL : 031-988-0301
  • FAX : 031-988-5887
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