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Making lives of humankind better and more beautiful, Yedahm Chemical, Inc. has many authorized dealers and accounts in China, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States, as well as in Korea. Also, as a leading chemical company, it is working hard to create beneficial resources for humankind.
Yedahm Chemical, Inc. has been continuously progressing and innovating under the company mottoes: a company that works in advance to realize customer impression beyond customer satisfaction, and a company that practices sharing and love. Since its foundation, it has been continuously growing until today, despite of economic depressions of many times and drastic changes of world market, and it will work hard to become a world-renowned and respected company by globalization without being conceited.

  • Manager : DUAN ZEXIN
  • Business Number : 140-81-70195
  • TEL : 031-988-0301
  • FAX : 031-988-5887
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