Employee's Benefits

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Yedahm Chemical

Employee's Benefits
YedahmCemical supports employees with various employee's benefits.
Hence, they can absorbe in their work and live a stable life.
1. Education
  • Support congratulatory bonus for employees’ children’s admission to elementary school and middle school
  • Support full tuition payment of employees’ children for high school
  • Support full tuition payment of employees themselves and their children for university
  • Financial aid for college education for employees and their children
2. Commute
  • Provide a shuttle bus service
3. Family Events
  • Support employees’ own and their immediate family
4. Welfare Fund
  • Support Family events
  • Support mortgage
  • Support fund of employee’s stable life
  • Support educational expenditure
5. Filial Affection
  • financial aid for language academies (English, Chinese, Japanese)
6. Self Development Budget
  • Support private educational expenditure for learning foreign languages
7. Vacation
  • Operate training institute for employees
  • Operate condominium for employees
8. Club Activity
  • Support club activity of employees
9. Severance Payment
  • Provide accumulated severance pay

  • Manager : DUAN ZEXIN
  • Business Number : 140-81-70195
  • TEL : 031-988-0301
  • FAX : 031-988-5887
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