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Yedahm Chemical


STEP 01. Submit application form
Apply for a certain recruiting announcement via on-line.
STEP 02. Document Screening
  • Fill in preferred job and salary and contact number.
  • Capability and qualifications of a candidate will be comprehensively reviewed for screening.
  • A written examination (only for researchers)
STEP 03. Interview Screening
Basic knowledge for work, capabilities and qualifications, and work aptitude will be verified. A comprehensive review of candidate's basic competence, refinement, values, and personality will be conducted via director's interview.
STEP 04. Notice of Acceptance
Candidates who passed all screenings will receive a notice of acceptance, followed by a process (confirm date of the first day of work, wage contract) defined by the internal provision.
STEP 05. Probation Period (Intern Period)
For the first three month, an appraisal will be conducted in-depth to confirm a fit with work, and final employment will be determined under internal HR provisions.
STEP 06. Personnel Appointment
Final personnel appointment will be notified to those who completed and passed probation period, and they will work as a part of the company after completing wage contract and related documents.

  • Manager : DUAN ZEXIN
  • Business Number : 140-81-70195
  • TEL : 031-988-0301
  • FAX : 031-988-5887
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