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R&D / About Research Center
Research Lab Introduction: Yedahm Chemical, Inc. established an annex research lab after its foundation in 2012, where the researchers strive for coloring development of sustainable and high added value under an objective of creating nature's colors by harmonizing human and technology. Behind these efforts, Yedahm Chemical, Inc. grew to be the leader of the industry.
Since the foundation, Research Lab of Yedahm Chemical, Inc. has been actively investing in human and material resources to secure original technologies of functional dye, colorings for electronic materials, and solvent dye with success, and it continues to manufacture products with high added value by continuous R&D. Original products, developed by this research lab, are contributing to constant growth of sales as their quality is acknowledged by major customers from Korea and all over the world.
This research lab also aims for R&D focused on customers and environment beyond new product development, striving for continuous technical support and quality improvement of existing products and emphasizing eco-friendly product development.
Through scientific R&D through relentless investigation, thorough quality control, and active customer service, Yedahm Chemical will drive for constant development with a responsibility inf prosperity of Yedahm Chemical and contribution to humankind.

  • Manager : DUAN ZEXIN
  • Business Number : 140-81-70195
  • TEL : 031-988-0301
  • FAX : 031-988-5887
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