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RoHSⅡ Product

Product Category Product Name Total
Solvent Dyes Papilion Black S-GB4, Papilion Black S-HB, Papilion Black S-KL2, Papilion Black S-BT, Papilion Black S-TR
Papilion Blue S-6G, Papilion Blue S-2RS, Papilion Blue S-684, Papilion Blue S-2B, Papilion Blue S-3R,
Papilion Blue S-RR, Papilion Red P-M2, Papilion Red P-Y9, Papilion Red S-A2G, Papilion Red S-GF,
Papilion Red Violet S-R, Papilion Red S-7G, Papilion Red S-AG H/C, Papilion Red S-BB, Papilion Yellow S-7G,
Papilion Yellow S-F3G, Papilion Yellow S-6G, Papilion Yellow S-4G, Papilion Yellow S-3G, Papilion Green S-3G,
Papilion Green S-6G, Papilion Gold Green S-7K, Papilion Violet S-BR, Papilion Violet S-IRS, Papilion Orange S-GG
Brightening Agent
Papilion Fluorescnt Brightener S-FGR, Papilion Fluorescnt Brightener S-FN
Papilion Fluorescnt Brightener S-FX, Papilion Fluorescnt Brightener S-FV
Papilion Fluorescnt Brightener S-F3B

* Above listed products have been proved to content no heavy metals, flame retardants, phthalate from RoHSⅡ.

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